10 Outstanding Must-See Anime Cosplay

Anime Cosplay

Here we are back at it again. We’ve gone over our Instagram feed and picked out a few cosplay posts that really stood out over the last few months. Anything we see that we like gets saved into a private list and then gets pulled out into features like this to be used at a later date. Previously we had engaged with our Instagram and Twitter followers to see what fandom they would like to see in this post. Out of the options we provided, Anime Cosplay was the top vote. So let’s get ready for truly amazing Anime Cosplay!

Anime has been around since the beginning of time and simply has so many different series and characters. So right away it’s hard to represent everything in the one post, so like our last post (Disney Cosplay), this will be a series with ongoing posts. So you will see a Part 2 or even a Part 3 in the future as we see more cosplay that catches our eye and want to feature it here on our site.

When I think of anything Anime, I often think of over the top big characters. You’ll notice that this set features a bunch of characters that fit into that category. They are either larger than life and pop with vibrant colours in their photos.

We appreciate your feedback, so feel free to tell us either down below in the comments or via social media what you thought about this feature.

@adamilangley: My Hero Academia has a ton of amazing characters, and Camie is one of the favourites from the series. Cosplayer @adamilangley does everything big, and this one is no different. Love the vibrant & contrasting colours in this shot.

@livicolecosplay: Another must include is Cosplayer @liviecolecosplay who works so hard at bringing her creations to life. This shot of her Yoko Littner from Gurren Lagann is amazing. Do you see how big that gun is?

@valery_himera: Motoko Kusanagi from The Ghost in the Shell brought to life by @valery_himera in only the way Valery can. We highly recommend checking more of her work out, as she has a brilliant quality to everything she does.

@caught_red_headed (via @simplyfrankpro): Who doesn’t love Kill La Kill? Cosplayer @caught_red_headed in this photo by @simplyfrankpro really manages to nail Ryuko Matoi. Click through to see more pictures from this shoot from Katsucon.

@joliejuless.cosplay: Everything Naruto is huge on Instagram and this shot of @joliejuless.cosplay sums up anime perfectly. The Mask, The Wig and Clouds all come together to bring her own flair to Kakashi Hatake.

@lula.bonjo:  Cosplaying Yuno Gasai from Future Diary series always leads to interesting photos shoots. Make sure you check out the rest of the shots in this post, as they are worth a look.

@nyukix: Asuka Langley from Neon Genesis Evangelion was another must include in this list, as cosplayer @nyukix has done an amazing job representing her in this shot. The photographer really makes her pop!

@illisia_cosplay: We couldn’t forget to include Dragon Ball Z‘s Bulma, and figured we might as well go big with Bunny Bulma! This is one of our favourites that we’ve come across as @illisia_cosplay totally rocks it! I’m sure you’ll see a Bulma specific feature in the coming months.

@Bandit_Spurs & @anniechiedesigns: This cosplay duo bringing their Outer Senshi “A” game as Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus. We do love everything Sailor Moon related. We see a possible feature in an upcoming post. Feel free to send us some submissions.

@frederie.cosplay: We feature this talented cosplayer on our Instagram page quite often, as @frederie.cosplay is constantly sending us amazing submissions. We knew we had to include this awesome bunny girl Mai Sakurajima.

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