10 Outstanding Final Fantasy Cosplay

Final Fantasy Cosplay

Final Fantasy is a game that has been around for generations. First starting with the Nintendo Entertainment System in the early ’80s, and continuing to reach the newest of generations. The idea of Final Fantasy VII sold me on buying an unproven console called the “PlayStation”, this game basically propelled Sony into the market leader it is today. Even today I’m still playing Final Fantasy, I’m currently in the middle of a quest I started almost 10 years ago on Final Fantasy 13 via backwards compatibility on my Xbox One X. The unique thing about Final Fantasy, even though there are so many sequels (Final Fantasy 15 being the latest), none of the games directly relate to each other, and it’s always a cumbersome trying to explain the plot to someone, as they can be quite complicated. That being said the games are usually instant hits that become classic. For those reasons, this entry in our “Outstanding Cosplay” series will of course feature that of Final Fantasy Cosplay.

Do people still play Final Fantasy games? The cosplay community seems to have a special place in it’s heart of the series. There are so so so many different characters to cosplay. Each game is filled with a solid main crew, with a ton of amazing support characters. So to answer my own question, I have to assume they do, and this is the reason we do get so many amazing cosplays from the series. One can only hope that the next mainline series game will be announced, for this fast approaching next generation, some time very soon. Not sure about you, but my fingers are crossed.

Take a look at some of our favourite selections we have pulled from our Instagram feed over the past several months. If you do happen to like what you have seen, please take a moment to check out the cosplayers social media and give them a “LIKE”. If you have some of our own possibly suggestions on who we should feature in the next round of Final Fantasy Cosplay, feel free to send them our way (Email or DM). Also if you do have some extra time in your daily schedule please check out @Sharemycosplay on your favorite platform and give us a LIKE and Follow.

Editors Note: Did you notice something about this article? Some how we managed to pick a Final Fantasy 13 based Title graphic, but not include any characters from that series. We will keep an eye out for FF13 characters for the next part in this series. Also the number 10 refers to the individual pictures we shared, we are aware that there are actually 15 cosplayers featured in this article. We have to work on better quality control.

@livicolecosplay with one of the most detailed Final Fantasy cosplays we have ever come across. @Livicolecosplay does such awesome work and this one is one of her most visually creatives pieces. Final Fantasy 8’s Edea is coming for you.

@kseniya_kanda_cosplay & @agflower_shu. This dyamic duo does an truly outstanding job with their Tifa and Aerith from Final Fantasy 7. That stunning smoke explosion in the background makes this shot really pop!

@binrand & @silentsnuggs. Final Fantasy 12 represents with the amazing cosplay of Fran and Balthier. This duo of Canadians in @binrand and @Silentsnuggs do an amazing job showcasing their video game counterparts.

@ruiojousama, @lokiheart, & @purplewindfairy. We do love group shots and this is one of our favorites! Paine, Yuna and Rikku from Final Fantasy’s X2. Do you see that back drop? Girl power all the way!

@nelly_laufeyson. Final Fantasy 15 holds the title of being the newest mainline game in the series, and is already reaching classic status. Characters like Cindy (CID) Aurum make it that way. This is quite the stylish shot featuring @nelly_laufeyson.

@tiduswave.cam. Like his name suggests @Tiduswave is maybe best known for his amazing likeness to Final Fantasy X’s main hero Tidus. We love it when cosplayers make it so easy for us to find them.

@mariesturges. Another classic character from Final Fantasy 8, that of Rinoa Heartilly. This simple, yet elegant cosplay made our short list as it really stood out. What do you think?

@bandit_spurs. The Final Fantasy 7 Remake has hit it big and our feed has been flooded with a ton of awesome Aerith. This shot featuring @Bandit_Spurs was an easy favorite. It’s like she is in the game world!

@soryu_geggy_cosplay More fun from Square’s first attempt in doing a mainline sequel, Final Fantasy X-2. This Yuna was awesome, and have to say we are a sucker for including the ocean.

dark.lady.cosplay Who could possibly forget Tifa Lockhart? One of Squares most beloved characters, first found in Final Fantasy 7, and now found in everything Final Fantasy 7 Remake. @Dark.Lady.Cosplay looks amazing and ready for action!

@yunakairi.cosplay We would be shamed if we did a Top 10 and didn’t manage to include a special spot for Rikku. Cosplayer @yunakairi.cosplay really pulls out all stops to bring that super cuteness of Rikku to this shot.

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