15 Outstanding Black Widow Cosplay

Black Widow

So as I sat at my desk last night, wondering what we would feature on our site tomorrow, it came to me. Now I have to admit, it was a bit late in the game, but that’s my fault. Why not do a feature on the most anticipated project out there right now. That of course is the latest addition to the juggernaut known as the MCU. Of course, we are speaking of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, what else is there right? And which specific movie am I referring to? none other than Black Widow, and guess what, it was not hard at all to fill this page with a ton of truly amazing Black Widow Cosplay. Are you ready? I know we are! Let’s Go!

But first! Let’s do a little bit more to the introduction. So it’s a no-brainer that we would do a Black Widow feature for this official release date of Marvel’s Black Widow. This movie has been a long time coming. It has been delayed several times, due to what was going on around the world, but the day is finally here. I myself and more than likely others around the globe are kind of torn. Do we watch this movie on Disney Plus Premier Access and watch it at home, or do we brave the outside world and go watch it in a movie theatre like it’s meant to be seen (at least the first time). While I certainly want to see the movie, I’m going to hold out until I can watch it on the big screen, like all action-packed movies (read especially Marvel Movies) are meant to be seen. Now my only problem is I live in Ontario (Canada) and have to try to figure out when Theatres actually open to the public, but that is another story.

Now on to why you clicked on this link in the first place. When it comes to cosplay like Black Widow, it’s a very popular character on a good day, add in a feature movie release and you’re getting a lot of Black Widow in your feeds these days. That ok, we’ve gone through our feed and our saved Instagram collections and pulled out a small selection of truly fantastic Black Widow cosplayers. Listen I’m not going to even pretend for a second that we’ve hit even 1% of the cosplayers out there, but we do think we’ve given you a wide range of different Natasha styles to go through.

We highly recommend and you go through our listings below, and possibly take a second and click on each of the cosplayers’ profiles and check out what else they have been up to. In some cases, they might even have tons more Black Widow shots, if that is what you’re searching for. Give them some likes on Instagram and if you find something you really like, make sure you leave a comment, and maybe even tell them you seen them on @sharemycosplay. We’re ok with shameless plugs, really we are.

Stay tuned to the site and our Social Media for more fun stuff coming soon.

ann_shakhovskaya: SMC regular Anna Shakh leads the way with a brand new and simply amazing Black Widow.

sapphirenovacosplay: Loving this shot of Sapphirenova against the garage door. The red light really adds to this shot. Check out more shots from this set on her profile.

marinalisz: Another regular tributor to our Instagram feed, Marinalisz looks poster picture perfect in this shot. Pure perfection.

blackwidowcos: Wait a second, is that Scarlett Johansson? BlackWidowCos is a dead ringer look-alike for everyone’s favourite Marvel spy.

dark.lady.cosplay: Now we normally see Dark Lady in something WOW-related, but we knew we had to include her in this post, that pose is killer!

heloise_cosplay: This one by Heloise Cosplay is one fantastic shot. Really awesome.

rolyatistaylor: Canadian Cosplayers rock and Rolyatistaylor is an “Outstanding Cosplay” staple here on SMC.

sarah.c.black: Another absolutely killer Black Widow pose. Sarah.c.black really nails it!

lisa.jski: This close-up of lisa.jski is brilliant. Really giving a good look as Natasha.

graciethecosplaylass: Like many other Black Widow Cosplayers, you may have seen Graciethecosplaylass hanging out that the World premiere of the Black Widow Movie. Such an honour!

frederie.cosplay: Another SMC staple, Frederie.Cosplay looking spectacular in this stylized cosplay edit.

geekchic51: There was something about this killer pose that just had to be included. Geekchic51 completely rocks it.

may.b.cosplay: How long will the white suit be around during the movie? May.b.cosplay totally owns it, in this shot.

denzhy: Are you ready for the White Suit Black Widow? Cosplayer Denzhy brings her A game.

michellenreed: All the key points met here, Redish hair, belt buckle and guns. Lets go!

@carleybombshell: A last-minute addition to this awesome lineup of Black Widows. Damn you have to love that huge gun!

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